RIIS Donates To Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation

The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation of Ireland, provides direct funding to families of children with brain damage up to the age of 4 who suffer severe intellectual and physical developmental delay, enabling them to purchase home respite care.The Foundation gives these families THE GIFT OF TIME, time to do the things that we so often take for granted like shopping, taking their other children to the park, a night’s sleep etc.

RIIS Founder To Speak At Security BSides Detroit 2015

RIIS Owner and Founder Godfrey Nolan to speak at Security BSides Detroit 2015. BSides conference in Detroit is about bringing people from all over to Detroit, to talk about technical and non-technical topics, to educate and advance the industry in a location that has a relatively large number of IT and security professionals and students who call it home.

API Key Preferences

Most Android apps that do any real work operate in a client – server architecture with the phone acting as the client and much of the heavier work taking place on the backend server.

RIIS Builds App For Google Fit

The Google Fit Competition is a developer challenge issued by Google were developers had the opportunity to compete in developing an Android app which could integrate with the Google Fit platform. Google Fit is an open platform that makes it easier for developers to build amazing fitness apps.

RIIS To Sponsor Detroit City FC Soccer Team

Founded in 2010 the Detroit City Futbol League was started in order to bring together a struggling community in an organizational manner that would grasp teamwork and team dedication. The league quickly gained wings and has more than 1000 players per week and over 30 different neighborhoods participate.

Best Place To Store Passwords

Typically Android security issues fall into a couple of major categories, these are firstly, personal information stored insecurely on the phone and secondly, insecure communication to any back end database or web server. And while there are lots of other things that can go wrong the majority of the problems fall into these two areas. In this article let’s start with your options to secure someone’s information and in the next article we’ll look at network communication.