Software, Web & Mobile Development Services

Mobile Application Development

RIIS is among the area’s largest B2B and B2C mobile application developers for iOS and Android platforms, firmly committed to security, usability and elegantly designed mobile applications that can scale to grow with your business. Our expertise is building customized and cost-effective mobile solutions that offer a rich user experience without compromising, quality, functionality or time-to-market.

Web Development and Applications

RIIS is a trusted leader in web development, with the knowledge needed to build large- and small-scale web applications or lead a team of vendors and staffers in web development efforts. From website tuning to e-commerce projects and data management, our developers work in a variety of systems, languages, devices and environments to deliver real-world technology solutions.

Business Analytics

Business analytics aligns perfectly with our company’s core strengths – the intersection of business and technical acumen. We help companies centralize data from many siloed systems into one location, giving them greater accuracy, visibility and reporting capabilities. This process provides business insights and automates business processes to deliver a clear competitive advantage.

Mobile and Web Security

Security is paramount to our development team and inherent in all of our processes, tools and technology solutions. Because many of our customers operate in heavily regulated industries like healthcare, finance and insurance, we understand the underlying business implications of security lapses. RIIS will help you identify and minimize security risks during development.