Dec 2, 2015

Agile Android

Agile Android

Agile Android, released today by Apress and available for purchase and digital download at Apress and, details new unit testing capabilities in the recently released version of Android Studio and addresses the gap in documentation supporting the discipline.

“Until this point, unit testing in Android was a challenging undertaking requiring developers to cobble together a testing suite to approximate the capabilities of a traditional Java development environment,” explained Agile Android author and RIIS, LLC founder Godfrey Nolan. “With this title in-hand, developers can leverage the new capabilities to implement the classic Agile Testing Pyramid and drive a host of efficiencies and improvements.”

Specifically, readers will learn:

  • What is the Agile testing pyramid for Android

  • What are the Android unit testing tools and how to use them, including those found in Android Studio

  • What are and how to use third party tools like JUnit, Hamcrest, Roboletric, Jenkins and more

  • What is and how to use mocking, including mocking frameworks like Mockito to mock out Web Services, Shared Preferences and SQLite databases

  • How to do test driven development (TDD) in Android

  • How to manage legacy code and applying TDD to existing projects

Android developers, architects and IT leaders across industries will benefit from the lessons within and are invited to download and review the first chapter for free here.

Nolan will be presenting on the topic Thursday morning at the Android Developers Conference (AnDevCon) in Palo Alto, California. Prior to that, on Wednesday afternoon at the same event he’ll lead a session on Secure Android Application Development drawing from his previously released title Bulletproof Android: Practical Advice on Building Secure Apps.

Agile Android joins Bulletproof Android and Nolan’s previous titles, Decompiling AndroidAndroid Best PracticesDecompiling Java and Decompile OnceRun Anywhere, to cement his position as the authoritative voice on Android application development and security.