RIIS R1HD Coaxial Quadcopter on a driveway
RIIS R1HD Coaxial Quadcopter on a driveway



Coaxial Quadcopter

From $11,999

Cutting edge inspections and delivery drone

With the introduction of their new R1HD UAS, RIIS has taken medium-duty drone capabilities to a whole new level. Capable in all weather conditions and able offer increased payload capacity for your favorite missions.

A drone that is not only powerful and reliable, but also supports your business's needs with cutting edge features like intelligent flight control algorithms. TheRIIS R1HD has become an industry standard for companies looking to upgrade their fleet from foreign sourced options by combining next level performance in tandem with American made components.

The RIIS R1HD is ideal for applications needing a payload weighing under 5kg, including the Gremsy gimbals (T3, S1, T7), Phoenix Lidar, and many more!

Included Items

  • Blue Cube

  • Herelink Video transmission system

  • 20" folding props


  • Layout: Coaxial Quadcopter (X8)

  • Max payload: 5kg

  • Recommended battery size: 22000mAh 6S Lithium polymer (10C minimum)

  • Battery connector: XT90-S

  • Propeller Size: 22 inches

  • Motor rating: 320kv

  • Frame size: 1100mm

  • Country of origin: United States

  • NDAA compliant: YES

  • Flight time with 2kg payload: 30 minutes

  • Flight controller: Pixhawk 2.1 "Cube" Blue

Available Accessories

  • Hard Case

  • Batteries

  • RTK

  • Payloads